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Sample Magic Boost Plugin v1.0.2 Vst_Au Pc_Mac OSX Free Download


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Sample Magic Boost Plugin v1.0.2 Vst_Au Pc_Mac OSX Free Download

Powerful sound and dynamics processor

Boost is a simple yet powerful dynamics processor that gives your mixes the final polish. This is ensured by a total of four components: multi-band compression, 4-band EQ, stereo enhancement and, last but not least, a brickwall limiter that rounds off the overall sound. The plug-in can also be used on individual tracks and “boost” your drums as well as vocals and other instruments or even DJ mixes.

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Perfect Dynamics

Hear dynamics spring to life, drums explode with energy, basslines punch through and high end revitalise with glistening sheen. Boost is placed on the mix buss and can be used to master a processed track, subtly enhance an already finished project, or completely sculpt the dynamics of your song from start to finish, breathing fresh life into your music and readying for commercial release, club or radio play. Take an idea from start to finish using just 4 simple smart controls.

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Mixdown Magic

And Boost is not just for the mix buss. Place it on a muddy drum track for meaty width and energetic flare, give vocals a multi dimensional stereo edge, remaster old productions, fix live performances, DJ mixes and voiceovers. Get foley recordings broadcast ready, redefine muddy midrange and make cumbersome, CPU-intensive mix chain processing a figment of the past.

With its enhanced low latency settings mode, Boost is suitable for tracking or can be placed on the mix buss from the outset, making tracks quickly and easily comparable with commercially finished masters. With a plain, easy to use interface, controls are laid out elegantly yet simply, with a ‘Boost’ setting for re-ordering components to give greater gain and bass output.

Ultimate Mix Buss Reference Tool

boost GUI Screen 2

Used in conjunction with Magic AB, Boost is an all-in-one mix reference and refinement solution, allowing quick, stable comparison between tracks to achieve your desired end result.

  • Compress -The Compression parameter increases the effect of the multi band compression on the audio. Although just a single knob, this macro controls many parameters simultaneously on the incoming signal. Each of the included presets provide a slightly different style of Compression, with varying amounts of make up gain, attack, decay times and crossover frequencies.
  • Colour – The Colour parameter adjusts the spectral balance of the audio through the use of a dynamically interactive equaliser circuit. Each of the included presets in Boost provide a slightly different ‘style’ of Colour which is applied through this parameter. The defining characteristic of this macro is to boost bass frequencies around 50-100Hz while inversely cutting midrange around 2kHz – 4kHz and adding subtle high-frequency gain around 9kHz – 14kHz.
  • Stereo – The Stereo parameter adjusts the stereo field of the audio. This control will widen the elements of the sound which are panned between the two L/R channels and leave mono signals unaffected. Each of the included presets in Boost provide a slightly di erent amount of Stereo Widening which is applied through this parameter.
  • Limiter – The Limiter parameter is a powerful compression and peak limiting processor. Capable of transparently ‘shaving off ’ a few dB to slam a mix – for maximum impact – while still maintaining clarity. Each of the included presets in Boost provide a slightly different style of limiting which is applied through this parameter.

How To install And How To Activate ??? Totorial Here 👇

🎹🎚🎧 Make your music professional and of high quality . NOW ! 🙂 🎧🎚🎹 he file to be downloaded contains a copy of Windows 32bit/64bit and Mac + with Original License Key (Lifetime Activation) * This is Original Products From Original Company. This is just a symbolic price to motivate people, and to give them something that strengthens their skills more. And to make their work professional and distinctive.

System Requirements

  • Windows – Windows Vista or higher (tested up to Windows 10) | SSE2-enabled processor (Pentium 4 or later) | Minimum 2GB RAM | Any VST / Audio Unit (32/64-bit)
  • Mac OS – Mac OS X 10.7 or higher (tested up to 10.12 Sierra) | Intel processor Mac | Minimum 2GB RAM | Any VST / Audio Unit (32/64-bit)


ملاحظة : رابط التحميل المجاني متاح فقظ لمدة محدودة – 48ساعة. .سارع الآن للتحميل و إستغل الفرصة الذهبية لتحميل هذا المنتج الأصلي .. بترخيصه الأصلي و القانوني …و استمتع بمميزات ! ..هذا الفلتر الأسطوري مدى الحياة ⚖ Yachiro™

Note :   The free download link is available for a limited time 48h… Download now and take advantage of the golden opportunity to download this original product .. License original and legal … and enjoy the features of this legendary filter for life …!






Size : 154MB (Zipped)

Compression : Rar / Pass

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